Official Portal of Vice Chancellor Office Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

About VC Office

Chancellery Office is the administrative heart of a university that houses the offices of the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice- Chancellor of the university. The establishment of the Chancellery Office of UMK was done on 1st of October, 2006 in conjunction with the appointment of the first Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan.

Chancellery Office is a mirror that reflects a general view of UMK. Hence, Chancellery Office consists of many units to serve best quality service to customers. Some of those units are as follow:

  • Vice Chancellor office and Deputy Vice-Chancellors office
  • Administration & Finance
  • Center for Corporate Affairs
  • Center for Strategic Planning
  • Development , Infra & Services Center
  • Information Technology Center
  • Legal & Governance Department
  • UMK Entrepreneurial Institute (UMKEI)

Each unit has its main function that aims specifically to deal with matters relating to the management of the University in general and in particular the Chancellery Office .