Official Portal of Vice Chancellor Office Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

Vision, Mission & Objective


  • Implementing administrative and professional services in line with the objectives of the university.



  • Managing the affairs and needs of the Vice Chancellor / Deputy Vice- Chancellor in carrying out their responsibilities to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of the UMK .
  • Managing Management Meeting of University
  • Managing the Delegation of Financial Powers of university .
  • Managing the affairs of human resources and staff of Chancellery Office’s welfare.
  • Perform such other functions and duties as may be directed from time to time by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice- Chancellors.
  • Manage records and administrative documents.
  • Planning, managing and monitoring financial matters dealt with Chancellery.



  • Ensuring the planning , implementation, monitoring and improvement of administration system are implemented effectively in line with the vision and mission of the university .