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Administration and Finance

Functions and Activities of Administration & Finance Department


Manage administration matters related to the department.

  • Manage job appointment For Academic Staff that holds administrative posts
  • Manage incoming and outgoing mail records.
  • Manage opening and closing of files.
  • Manage department meeting.
  • Manage plane ticket reservations.
  • Manage order of department vehicles.
  • Manage hotel/restaurant booking.
  • Manage leave records.
  • Manage MC records.
  • Manage department stationeries application.


Managing financial matters related to the department.

  • Manage purchase of value RM1 – RM1000
  • Manage petty cash account
  • Manage supply application of value RM1,001 – RM 10,000
  • Manage supply of applications through quotation of value RM10,001 – RM100,000
  • Management of asset disposals
  • Manage asset and inventory registration
  • Manage quotation meeting of every departments.
  • Manage department provision transfer application
  • Manage human resource department planning.
  • Prepare management budget (ABM) – staffing
  • Manage applications of attending staff training


Manage the planning of departments’ target.

  • Reporting annual target unit / department
  • Reporting the latest developments of every departments.