Official Portal of Vice Chancellor Office Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

About Vice Chancellor Office

Vice Chancellor Office’s main role is to manage matters relating to the management of the University in general, and also in matters related as below:

  • Manage policy matters and the quality of the University that can be used as a role model by other Responsibility Centres.
  • Held meeting to fulfil university’s needs such as Board meeting, University Management Committee, Senate and Senior Officials Committee (Registrar's Office as secretariat) and the University’s Finance meeting.
  • Ensure the provisions of the Constitution, Statutes, compliance of Rules and Regulations of the University, and the ability to implement this provision in particular, ensuring that the Departments have always acted within their power or duties assigned .
  • Report to the Minister of Higher Education and Ministry of Higher Education , Board , Treasury and other relevant agencies on any updates regarding research , services related to research , finance , asset management , administration, welfare , discipline , training and consultation in accordance with any related matters.